Software House
-Desktop Applications:
Tailored programs for specific industries, companies or tasks such as  Accounting, Warehousing, Human Resources, Engineering, etc.
We can custom build software to suit your businesses’ needs, solve your most prominent problems and deliver you a new level of accuracy and security that you have always wished for.

-Web Application & E Commerce:
We provide many varieties of web designs for our customers From Static pages to dynamic pages to E Catalog ending by E commerce. We can also customize solution for Intranet and Extranet Systems for our clients.

Network & Virtual ISP
- We believe that in order to enter the world of the world wide web, then we should do everything from domain registration, website design, hosting: turn key applications, updating, internet solutions, data base applications, online: static & dynamic and E commerce (buying & selling online through E-catalog )

-We also offer all types of internet connectivity as related to hardware design (single PC’s, LAN or WAN) such as dialup, DSL & ADSL.
- We offer many diplomas that are job or task oriented. Our diplomas consist of a number of related courses when taken together, should make you an experienced user within that job or task. Our diplomas include Web, Geographical Information System (GIS), Secretarial, Accounting, etc.

-T3leem Program is an educational money making program for the youth that helps them learn and make money at the same time.

                                                                          Hardware & Maintenance
- Assembling high quality Pc’s and maintaining them is part of the services that GIS offers. We believe that everyone should own a PC with the best configuration possible and should not have to pay too much for it. We can give you the best prices vs. quality in the market.

- We also supply and install networks (LAN & WAN) hardware such as hubs, switchers, cables, servers etc, along with their proper licensed software.

- Maintenance is a necessary part of any organization, however, it has to be done by professionals in order to keep your systems in the best possible state and ensure all working operations run smoothly and with proper backup.

- This is why we accept maintenance contracts from major companies where their multiple networks and servers make the maintenance process impossible for one man, but easy with our trained team of maintenance engineers.